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School Attendance

All students enrolled in the Dothan City School System are required to be in continuous attendance and abide by the policies governing attendance as outlined by the State of Alabama and the local Board of Education. Alabama Legislative Act 93-972 requires a parent/guardian to be responsible for enrolling their children in school, ensuring that they attend school regularly, and requiring that they conduct themselves properly while in school.

Alabama Law requires that each child be in attendance 360 minutes per school day. Unless approved by the principal, students arriving late or being picked up early will be considered unexcused and not permitted to make up work missed. Students receiving special education services must be in attendance for the length of the regular school term and school day unless IEP Team specifies a different length of time based on the individual needs of the child.

Please be aware of the attendance procedures for Dothan City Schools:

Attendance Definitions:

Tardy - present for more than half a day, but less than a full day

Absent - present for less than half a day, including not present at all

Present - in attendance all day

Unexcused Absences - Any absence not approved by the principal - counts against perfect attendance

Excused Absences - Any absence approved by the principal due to illness, inclement weather, legal quarantine, death in the immediate family, emergency condition, parent request - counts against perfect attendance

Unexcused Tardies - Any tardy not approved by the principal - counts against perfect attendance

Excused Tardies - Any tardy approved by the principal; example: doctor's appointment - does not count against perfect attendance

1. A student must be in attendance for at least 3 ½ hours to be counted present for the day. Checking out before 11:30 a.m. or checking in after 11:30 a.m. will result in the student being marked absent for the day regardless of the reason.

2. A student is tardy when they arrive late to school and when they check-out early. If a doctor's note is not brought in by the student for a check-in then the tardy will be unexcused (unless otherwise approved by the principal). If proof of an appointment is not provided for a check-out (such as an appointment card with the student's name, date and appointment time or a doctor's excuse brought in the next day) then the student will be marked tardy unexcused.

3. Students who have appointments scheduled during the school day will not be excused for a whole day of attendance.

For more information related to attendance, please visit the Code of Conduct section on this website. Pages 47 - 49 for Elementary Schools and Pages 74-78 for Secondary Schools.

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