Fine Arts

Sherrell Vickers

Music at Highlands Elementary

Welcome Back Students!!!!!!

 Join the 4th & 5th Grade Chorus!

We rehearse every Thursday after school 3:00-3:45pm 

Chorus will begin September 3, 2015


Teaching music in kindergarten is an active experience. Students participate in activities that allow them to experience an enjoyment of music while developing skills in the areas of speaking, singing, moving, and playing instruments. The foundation gained in kindergarten prepares students for the study of music at the next grade level.

First Grade

In the music classroom, first-grade students continue to develop skills in speaking, singing, listening, playing instruments, and in creating movement. Students learn to identify dynamic markings, clap rhythm patterns, and begin to recognize the difference between a note and a rest.

Second Grade

In the music classroom, second-grade students are learning to identify phrases, dynamics, form, and tone color and are working on basic music reading skills. They identify instruments of the orchestra by sight and sound.

Third Grade

Grade 3 students are continuing the development of proper vocal technique; performance of simple melodic, rhythmic, and chordal accompaniments; and identification of instruments by sight and sound.

Fourth Grade

At this grade level, students perform a varied repertoire of music, sing expressively, echo rhythmic and melodic patterns. Students begin to practice music reading skills by playing recorders.

Fifth Grade

Grade 5 offers opportunities for students to become engaged in singing and playing rhythm patterns. Students continue to develop music reading by playing recorders.


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