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Students visit the library each week for lessons focusing on a myriad of topics and subjects. Library lessons center on language arts, science, math, geography, library research and utilization skills, and literature appreciation. The library is open daily from 8:00-2:50 and readers are welcome to come check in or check out selections at any time during these hours. If other times are required, please email our librarian for arrangements.

Our librarian will be more than happy to assist students in selecting high quality books that are of interest and pleasure. To build a reader who enjoys, learns and practices the skills attained during reading is the the true goal of our library!

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Mission Statement:

As a resource of service and learning, the mission of Highlands Elementary media center is to encourage and promote reading for pleasure and information, to support the academic goals of our patrons, to provide opportunities to learn about and use technology, and to promote an atmosphere that fosters and encourages leadership.


*Provide resources in a variety of formats and developmentally appropriate levels in order to meet the information and reading needs of students.

*Provide open access to the media center to allow students daily opportunities to browse, explore and use media center resources.

*Provide assistance to students in carrying out resourced-based learning activities.

*Provide support and collaboration between the library media center and staff.

*Promote parental and community involvement and support to the Highlands Elementary Media Center.