Accelerated Reader

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Ever been caught in the book store wondering if a title is AR or not? Ever wonder how many points it is worth? Check out this link to discover the answer to those questions! 

Accelerated Reader Guidelines


85% overall accuracy is expected for all students in Grades K-5.

AR Log Folders

Each student will have an AR log folder which will be provided by the LMC. Students will be responsible for keeping up with their log folders. The folders will have an appropriate goal sheet and student log. AR folders should be sent home by the homeroom teacher when the conduct folders go home each week.


Student goals are based on points earned in a specific time period. Goals will be set by taking the Grade Equivalent Score from the STAR Reading Test and finding it on the AR Goal Setting Chart.

Students may continue reading even after they have met their goal; however these points will not count towards the next nine week's goal. New goal periods will not begin until the current nine week period has been cut off.

AR Rewards:

Students who met 100% of the AR point goal at 85% accuracy will be awarded at the end of each 9 weeks a prize as designated by his/her classroom teacher. The library will recognize students who earn 100% of the points goals at 85% accuracy in December and May. Students who reach first and second nine weeks goal will be invited on a fieldtrip in December. Students who reach third and fourth nine weeks goals will be invited on a fieldtrip in May.

Students who reach 100 AR points will attend a luncheon at school at designated times throughout the year.


***Grades will not be taken in AR. Accelerated Reader is an enhancement to the reading instruction already in place in classrooms. Participation in Accelerated Reader, while strongly encouraged, is not mandated.


Each book has a point value based on the book level and the word count. The number of points that a student earns on a given quiz is based on the total point value and the score the student received.

For example: On a 10 question quiz worth 5 points,

5 points = 100%

4.5 points = 90%

4 points = 80% and so on...

The cut-off for earning any points on a 5- or 10-question quiz is 60%. The cut-off for a 20-question quiz is 70%.

STAR Testing

STAR testing will be given 5 times a year: at the beginning of each nine week period and the end of May. New goals and reading ranges (ZPD) will be given each time the STAR test is administered.

ZPD Range

The zone of proximal development is a term borrowed from psychologist Vygotsky. The ZPD is a range of book levels that is not too hard but not too easy.

Sometimes the ZPD range is larger than the students need at one time. At the beginning of the year the teacher needs to start them at the lower end of their range. By the end of the year, they should be reading from the higher end of their range.

Please contact the classroom teacher or the media center with any other questions or concerns! We are always happy to help!